Tournerie de Bourgogne

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Entreprise Colin
tournerie Colin Bourgogne

Terms and conditions of sale

COLIN & Son Ltd.
Capital of € 40,000
Registered at the Mâcon registry of commerce under n°398503722
VAT n°:
Head office; La Condemine 71700 LE VILLARS, France
email :
Office telephone +33 (0)
Fax +33 (0)


By validating the order, the customer declares to have accepted in full the terms of the said order as well as the general conditions of sale herein. The content and photos on this web site are protected by copyright law. Any reproduction other than the exceptions ruled under French copyright law article L. 122-5 is prohibited.

Clause 1 Object

The objective of the present contract is the online sale of wood and wood plus metal products from any source.

Clause 2a - Shipping

Orders are processed according to stock availability. Delivery delay from reception of the order by the forwarder is on average 8 days with standard transport. Lateness in shipping can only be invoked by the customer as being a reason for refusing the goods if the delay is significant. COLIN Ltd. Company declines any responsibility for lateness in delivery or the total or partial non-performance of orders, particularly in the following cases:
a) Failure to comply with the terms of payment stated on the order confirmation;
b) The necessary information needed to process the order was not sent to the seller in time;
c) The delay or non-performance of the order is due to: strikes, accidents, fire, natural disaster, civil or foreign war, riots, unable to re-stock, delays by suppliers or forwarders, or any other event beyond the will and control of the seller.
Goods are transported at the buyers full risk. It is the sole responsibility of the receiver to note down any comments pertaining to the goods condition on the delivery bill before accepting reception of the merchandise. The full procedure involves filling-in the delivery bill of which a copy will be kept by the customer (buyer) who will also confirm these remarks and observations by registered letter to the forwarder. The goods are delivered by the forwarder to the customers premises. The products delivered may be transported disassembled. Assembly of parts is entirely the responsibility of the customer and the seller cannot be held responsible under any circumstances of a product badly-assembled by the customer. For shipments to be delivered to a first floor (or above) or which require a handler, the buyer must inform COLIN Company when placing the order. If indeed this case arises, a quotation by COLIN Company will be done and given to the customer, stating the extra fees incurred to the customer.

Clause 2b Returns

No merchandise purchased via the web site can be sent back without prior written consent and transport instructions from the COLIN company. All returns must be sent back in their original packaging material. All returns sent back in satisfactory condition and accepted by the buyer (COLIN) will be either credited or refunded at 90% of the invoiced value. In the case of an online purchase by a non-professional consumer, the latter (the buyer) has a 7-day right-to-return from the date of reception. In this case, the goods returned must be sent back in their original packaging material. Transport fees for returned goods are incurred to the buyer, except when said goods are not in compliance with the initial order or if delivered faulty and were previously notified to the forwarder within 48 hours. Any claim of whatever nature must be written in detail as soon as possible following reception of the goods and sent to the following address:
La Condemine
71700 Le Villars

Clause 2c Cancellations

No partial or full order cancellation will be accepted by COLIN Company except by written consent.

Clause 3 Product propriety

Sold goods remain the property of SARL COLIN until full receipt and settlement of the invoiced amount in compliance with French trade law n L 624-16. All risks are transferred from COLIN Company to the buyer as soon as goods exit the COLIN Companys warehouse or other stock. In the case where payment settlement is not reached within the partys agreed time limit, the seller has the right to reclaim the delivered goods and if judged necessary by the seller, to terminate the contract. The COLIN Company has the right to change the items on special offer without prior notification. The COLIN Company cannot be held responsible for these changes and if necessary the changes will be made known to the customer when ordering.

Clause 4 Fees and payment methods.

The applicable fees are available for consultation at any time on the web site. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted on the web site are tax inclusive. All duties and taxes or any other payments due whatever the nature related to the agreed sale and applicable under French law or under the law of the customers importing country or transit country will be settled by the buyer. Invoices are to be paid to the companys head office.
All orders for delivery in mainland France or abroad must be paid in full prior to delivery of goods. It is hereby expressly agreed that the faulty functioning or repairs needed on supplied goods can in no case be a motive for non-payment or delay in payment of the amount due by the buyer. In the case of late payment or failure of payment, the COLIN Company can suspend all orders currently being processed.
Any amount unpaid after the due date will incur penalties to the buyer, as stipulated under French trade law article L 441-6. These penalties will be demanded by simple request. Orders will be validated only when the COLIN Companys bank account is credited with the corresponding amount, and is subject to real-time stock availability.

Price inc. taxes 0.01 - 2.00 2.01 - 4 kg 4.01 - 6 kg 6.01 - 8 kg 8.01 - 10 kg 10.01 - 15 kg 15.01 - 20 kg 20.01 - 30 kg
euro 1 19,28 21,17 42,23 24,72 26,50 31,55 36,61 46,72
euro 2 22,48 24,59 26,56 28,58 30,48 35,72 7720,86 51,10
euro 4 28,80 32,40 33,60 36,00 37,20 39,60 45,60 58,80
euro 5 44,40 58,80 72,00 84,00 92,40 114,00 156,00 188,40
Corse 36,00 39,60 42,00 44,40 46,80 50,40 55,20 70,80
euro 6 67,20 72,00 75,60 78,00 84,00 90,00 96,00 120,00
France 12,00 18,59 22,32 23,16 24,36 28,40 31,20 42,00
Suisse 67,20 72,00 75,60 78,00 84,00 90,00 96,00 120,00
Description of Europe zones :
  • 2- France (Overseas territories): Guadeloupe (including Saint Barthlmy and Saint Martin), Martinique, Réunion, French Guyana, Mayotte and Saint Pierre et Miquelon
  • 6- USA - Canada: USA ,Canada, Africa, Middle East

Warning : customs duties and any other extra fees due according to the country must be settled on receipt of the delivery by customer (Switzerland, etc.)


Clause 5 Service access

The web site is accessible 24 hours/day and 7 days a week except in cases of force majeure or during maintenance interventions. In case of difficulty in accessing the web site, assistance is available by email from Monday 8:00 am to Friday 6:00 pm.

Clause 6 Internet usage rules

The customer hereby states to have accepted the characteristics and limits of internet in in particular to acknowledge that only the customer is held responsible for the use of the information content on the web site. Consequently, the COLIN Company cannot be held responsible towards the customer from any direct or indirect damages arising from the usage of the content information;
- The customer hereby states that he/she has knowledge of internet and in particular the technical performance of internet and the response time for the consulting, questioning or transferring of information;
- The customer hereby states that he/she is fully aware that providing personal identification information or more generally any information perceived as being so by the customer, is done entirely under his/her own responsibility;
- The customer hereby states that he/she is aware that it is his/her responsibility to take all necessary measures to ensure that the technical characteristics of his/her computer allow him/her to consult information on the web site;
- The customer hereby states that he/she is aware that it is his/her responsibility to take all the necessary measures to protect his/her own data and/or software from any potential viruses.

Clause 7 Content copyright

The internet user possesses no copyright on the web site content (text and images) and therefore cannot circulate or release any part of the content available on the web site. All images and photographs of whatever nature are protected by applicable copyright laws worldwide. Any use other than stated under the law or under the present sales conditions is considered forgery and will be sanctioned by the terms of Copyright laws.

Clause 8 Validity of electronic communication

The customer hereby acknowledges the probative force of recordings and electronic communication exchange (email) carried out by the COLIN Company and hereby accepts that the above-mentioned recordings have the same probative legal validity as a manuscript signature document.

Clause 9 Product information

The COLIN Company presents articles for sale on its web site with the necessary characteristics in compliance under French consumer law L 111-1. This law allows the potential buyer to be fully informed of the characteristics of the product he/she wishes to purchase before placing a firm order. In addition, the potential customer has the possibility to telephone the seller in order to obtain any further information on the products presented if he/she sees fit. The photographs used for the web site are the closest as possible to the real products but cannot be considered as being a perfect similarity to the real product, especially regarding colour tone or veining. Consequently, the photographs found on the web site are non-contractual.
Please note: the products sold are made of wood. Wood is an organic and unstable material which does not resist well to excessive temperature changes or variation in air humidity levels. The products may also have knots or variations in colour which do not impair the products quality.
In addition, the COLIN Company cannot be held responsible for any deformation of the wood occurring after the purchase act or be held responsible for a colour difference for any of the articles sold. Any of the above-mentioned changes occurring with the wood cannot open any claims in the form of compensation for damage.